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IEGS promotes education and knowledge

IEGS promotes education and knowledge as a way of engaging with the world and the community, helping students to find the balance between striving for individual expression and group responsibility. By having our education in English, instructed by native English speaking teachers, we provide our students with a fantastic grounding that prepares them for further education.

By accepting difference and showing generosity to those around us, we create an atmosphere of collegiality and respect, preparing individuals to become responsible members of a democratic society.

At IEGS every individual has the right to a safe, calm and quiet working environment where teachers can teach and students learn. Each individual is personally responsible for their role in the school environment, which entails being prepared to work at the right place and at the right time. IEGS places strong emphasis on group cohesion and individuals developing social competence within the group dynamic.

Academically, we are very ambitious for all our students because we see IEGS as a stepping stone to the next stage in academic development. IEGS believes that every student has the capacity to develop intellectually, personally and morally. Our pedagogy is based on a work ethic where improvement comes through hard work, creativity, commitment and dedication. Intellectual curiosity is imperative for academic development and for understanding the world we live in.

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm (IEGS) is an international Upper Secondary school located in the heart of Södermalm with a strong academic tradition and a commitment to helping students develop to their full potential.
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