Congratulations Mr McElwaine, this year’s winner of The Ellinor/Dr Tekle Award for Teachers

IEGS Blog | 6 May 2024

This Tuesday, during the “Donning of the Caps” (Mösspåtagning) ceremony at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet (IEGS), Mr Barry McElwaine was presented with The Ellinor/Dr Tekle Award. Mr McElwaine started at IEGS in 2013 and is the Head of the Social Science Department, teaching History and International Relations.

The Scholarship Fund in Memory of Ellinor Carlsson grants an annual scholarship to students at Internationella Engelska Skolan who have shown exceptional persistence, according to Ellinor’s motto “To never give up”. This award has been titled the Grit Award, and has been handed out since 2016 (

The Ellinor/Dr Tekle Award, now in its second year, recognises the key role that teachers play in students' lives in the same way that Dr Tekle motivated and encouraged Ellinor during her studies. The recipient of the award must be nominated by IEGS students and this year the jury received nominations for an impressive total of 23 teachers.

IEGS Principal Dr Rachel Heimeier received a letter from our alumni student Sandy Dawli, currently pursuing her Master’s of Science in Sociology at Lund University. She shared memories of Ellinor and congratulated Mr McElwaine on receiving this award:

From the left: Dr Heimeier, Dr Tekle and Mr McElwaine with Magnus and Giovanna Carlsson from the jury.

“This year's recipient, Mr McElwaine, I remember as an exceptional teacher who embodies dedication, motivation, and a profound commitment to guiding students towards realising their full potential. He was nominated this year by his students for his unwavering commitment to challenging them academically, and I agree. He is very passionate about History, the subject he teaches, and he cares a lot about his students’ well-being. During my own moments of struggle, he offered invaluable support and encouragement, taking time from his own schedule to sit with me in the library and provide guidance. Thank you Mr McElwaine, for encouraging me to keep going, believing in me and motivating me to stay focused and not to give up.”

Congratulations Mr McElwaine!

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