Consent Week

IEGS Blog | 17 February 2023

The Care Team really enjoyed speaking to everyone about consent in week 4! There were many different ways we reviewed the subject of consent, we had: a role playing activity, consent stickers, FATTA posters with in depth information about consent and an acting performance in Russell assembly. Through a consent role play activity held in the hallway, many students got the chance to test a question to see if their ‘partner’s’ answer was consentual or not. It was clear to see that IEGS students know that ‘Anything that isn’t an absolute YES, is a NO’. 

Those who participated were rewarded with consent stickers designed by Josefine ES3F. A huge thank you to Josefine for sharing her time and allowing us to proudly display her art work with a strong message!

Russell Assembly hosted a Care Team Consent acting performance! A big thank you to Nora and Dora ES3F for their incredible acting skills. Russell students were presented with 2 scenarios where advances of ‘Student A’ were rejected by ‘Student B’ and still ‘Student A’ persisted. Then the Russell students were asked questions to reflect and came to the correct conclusion, that we should always ask first then respect the answer. 

If you missed the chance to read all of the useful information on the FATTA posters, here is a link to the FATTA website


Thanks again to everyone who participated! 

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