ESSL Soccer Tournamnet

27 November 2015

A few weekends ago, the girls football team played in the European Schools Sport League tournament, which was held in Stockholm this year. There were teams from Geneva, Basel and Eindhoven and then there was ISSR and us from Stockholm. Without any practice to prepare we went and played five games over two days, against teams that practice together every week. With those odds, we played incredibly well. Our first game, against CDL (from Geneva), we lost by 2-1. If this game had been the last game, we would have won probably. This was the first time we played as a team and we did really well.  

Next was ISSR, who we beat 7-3 two months ago. They obviously wanted revenge and had practiced a lot to beat us this time, but we were set on crushing them once again. They even put this game right after our first one, so that we would be too tired to play well. ISSR were in the lead for quite some time, but with a penalty in the last few minutes we tied.

Last game of day one was Geneva. Once again we lost by 2-1, and once again we probably could have beaten them if we had practiced just a little bit together. But they were good too and it was a fair win for them. 

Second day came around, we had to be in Kärrtorp at 8 o’clock and the rain was pouring down. Unfortunately, we lost some of our most experienced players for the second day, one of them being the goalkeeper. But Hedda took the role upon herself and did it fantastically. We won the fourth game, against Basel, with 3-1! We really played as a team and scored some beautiful goals. 

Last game against Eindhoven, and by this time everything was soaked in water and it was less than 10 degrees. We played just as good as the previous game and once again we won with 3-1. We thought that there was no point in even staying until the awards ceremony, since we didn’t think 7 points were enough for anything. Then we found out that 7 points might just be enough to place us third, and it was! Geneva beat CDL in the final, we came third beating ISSR in the total. We were also awarded the fair play trophy!

They also gave out awards for the “All Star Team”, to about 10 players, Sara and I (Louise) were awarded all star players from our team! 

These are the amazing players:

Sara Lindberg (Goalkeeper)
Marwah Ishak (1 goal)
Safaa Ishak
Micaela Christiansson (1 goal)
Maria Ahlbeck (2 goals)
Helen Eshete (1 goal)
Suzanne Saleem
Lydia Tecle
Louise Johansson
Elisabeth Normark
Olivia Gidlund
Rebecka Jansson
Wilma Chang Nasenius
Louise Johansson (2 goals)
Matilda Froste (2 goals)
Hedda Wickman
Mehr Sharif

Thanks for the great weekend girls! Well played!

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