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By Lydia Barsawme

We spent a week with European youth just like us, debating important issues that affect the EU and us everyday. Over the course of a week, we learned how to draft legislation, reach consensus on difficult issues, how to debate, how to speak in public and how to understand the other side of an argument despite feeling very strongly for your side.

The EYP experience is truly indescribable, but I’ll do my best. The people you live with go from strangers to your second family within this time, and tears are spilled when it’s time to leave. You spend every waking moment with these people. They help you through sleepless nights of academic preparation, through any homesickness or anxiety you may feel. You eat together, you laugh together and you grow together. You become family.

It’s amazing spending a week with passionate European youth who embolden the EU values of humanity and excellence. You feel not just like part of a family, but of a larger EU family. You also get a chance to be active in issues, and to shape the future.

Before EYP I would rattle off my nationalities whenever someone asked. Now I just say I’m European.

This Friday, IEGS will be hosting the EYP Nationals, we look forward to welcoming many students from near and far to our school for more great discussions and learning!


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