The Friday Interview: Anna Erlander

19 March 2010

Anna Erlander, a second year Natural Science student at IEGS, is often seen with a guitar in her hand at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, or up on stage performing.

anna erlander "Music is my passion"

Like lots of second years, Anna’s found the workload quite heavy and is looking forward to taking more electives in her third year. But when things have been tough, music has been her sources of inspiration and relaxation.

“I love being creative. The whole process of playing, rehearsing and performing is very powerful,” says Anna. “Creativity and expression is very important to me. Music helps stimulate my brain. It’s a way to help me relax and take off some of the pressure of studying.”

Coming to IEGS after graduating from IES Bromma , Anna’s been heavily involved in music at both schools.

“Whilst I was at Bromma I co-wrote and recorded some songs with Mr Thompson. They’re available on my MySpace page now,” says Anna.

With the music facilities at IEGS improving what with more equipment and a better rehearsal room, the plan now is to record the song she and her fellow Curie-band members performed for the Inter-House song contest.

“Dr Whiteley is organising this,” says Anna. “It should be pretty cool.”

Asked if she was disappointed to lose out to Pavlov in the Inter House Ensemble Competition Anna shakes her head.

“No, not at all. We’d been struggling with the song a bit in rehearsals and it really came together on stage. It was our best performance of that song during the competition so we were winners too. We’d never played it so well as at that show. We were really happy for our friends in Pavlov that they won.”

curie house music Curie House rocked at the Inter House Ensemble Competition

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet’s 10th Anniversary
Anna’s currently involved in rehearsals for the 10th Anniversary celebrations.

“This time I’m playing in a band with people from different Houses. That’s cool. It’s nice to do something together,” says Anna. “We’re rehearsing two numbers to be performed at the celebrations. We’ve just got started but it’s going to be a lot of fun. We hope a lot of people come.”

After the Inter House Ensemble Competition a lot of people in the school – students and teachers – were commenting on the sound quality of the speaker system in the Aula.

“The plan is to make sure everything’s perfect for the 10th Anniversary celebrations,” says IEGS principal Dr Benedikz. “There have been a few teething problems since we got the new system but we’re working on it.”
The event will be open to students and staff, old students and members of the public.

One of the things with being so involved in music and concerts at the school is that people often film or photograph the performances and put things up on YouTube or Facebook. Anna isn’t too bothered by this.

“I take a lot of pictures too. It’s okay when people do that. It’s kind of fun to look back on later although the sound quality isn’t great.”

Thank You for the Music
As well as music, Anna’s very interested in the environment as well as technology, but when asked about her future plans and dreams, creativity comes up again.

“I just want to express myself,” says Anna. “That’s what I do. I hang out with friends, study, but music is a big part of my life. I just want it to be good. That’s what I live for. The band practice is about working for something. We have a great time because we’re friends, even though it can be hard work rehearsing. Then it pays off when we perform.”

The plan over the spring, as well as her involvement in the anniversary celebrations is to carry on writing music.

“I’m working on stuff at the moment. I play in three bands right now, including one at school,” she explains. “I hope to record some stuff over the spring and then release it on my MySpace page by the summer."

Check out Anna's MySpace page to hear some of her music, or come along to the Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet 10th Anniversary Concert in May to see her perform.

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