The Friday Interview: Dee Omar

23 October 2009

(Image: Dee Omar – The spirit of IEG personified!)

Dee Omar graduated from IEG in June 2009 and was extremely popular with students and staff. Known for her infectious smile and positive attitude, Dee was an outstanding IEG student, both academically and in terms of what she did for the school community. Currently taking time out before hopefully starting medical school in 2011, she's about to set off for Tanzania where's she will be working at a medical centre. IEG Latest News talked to Dee before she leaves for Africa.

IEG: Why did you choose IEG?

Dee: I wanted an international education because I believed it was important to my future career. I want to be a doctor and so much literature is in English. I looked at Kungsholmen and Viktor Rydberg but Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet felt right. I don't regret my choice for an instant.

IEG: Had you studied at an international school before coming to IEG?

Dee: Yes. I was at Sollentuna International School for a while and then finished junior high at IES Järfälla. I decided to take the Natural Science programme at IEG because I was set on being a doctor and this was what I needed to study.

IEG: During your time here you got very involved in extra curricular activities. Can you tell us about that?

Dee: In my first year I adapted and directed The Breakfast Club – a play – which was performed at the school. In my second year I acted in a series of Alan Ayckbourn plays which the drama club put on. Then in my third year I had a fashion show. Ms Muchardt Smith (Drama) and Ms Skoog (Sewing) were really supportive of my endeavours. The great thing about IEG is that the school supports you if you really want to do something. You have to have the passion and work ethic but the school helped me achieve my goals – not just in science and academic study but as someone interested in drama and fashion.

IEG: What was the best thing about studying at IEG?

Dee: My personal development. Without a doubt. I learned so much about study techniques and within my academic subjects. It was also a period of intense personal growth for me and very important.

IEG: Did you ever regret coming to the school?

Dee: No, not at all. I made some great friends and really got the most out of my time here. The teachers were also incredibly supportive. I chose IEG because I wanted to prepare for an international career. My dream is to go back to Africa and help people. I'm born in Tanzania and although I've lived most of my life in Sweden I want to give something back to Africa. I chose IEG to help me achieve that goal.

IEG: What was the worst thing about IEG?

Dee: The communication. When we had things like Sports Day it was tough finding out what was happening or going on. There were also lots of rumours ahead of the move from Enskede to Södermalm.

IEG: I guess that's why we've worked so hard to improve communication this year ! Still, you're glad you came to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet?

Dee. Absolutely. I couldn't have done without the great friends I made here and the support of my teachers.

IEG: So you're off to Tanzania now. What's next?

Dee: I'm applying to medical schools in South Africa, Hungry and Slovenia. My dream scenario would be to qualify in medicine in Europe and then spend some time working in Africa.

IEG: We really hope you achieve your goals, Dee. You gave so much to the school during your time here. We wish you all the very best.

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