IEGS Students attends Debate Competition in Riga

IEGS Blog | 8 February 2024

I am incredibly proud to be a part of IEGS, and to be able to participate in the esteemed SSE Riga IV debate tournament, the largest in the Baltics. As a first year student, I can confidently say that it was a truly remarkable experience, as I found myself competing against university students, many years older than me. Throughout the seven intense rounds of debates in the British Parliamentary format, I embraced the challenge of assuming various roles, and showcasing the importance of perseverance.

With each round, growth and improvement were necessary in order to progress to the next round, and I can confidently say that valuable lessons were learned about the art of effectively selling ideas, developing convincing arguments, and presenting the assigned stance (of the motion) as directly and effectively as possible. As just 15 minutes were given to create a total of 14 minute speeches, the main focus of the tournament was slightly applied to the preparation, as no digital tools or research was allowed. This was one of the major challenges faced, but as an IEGS representative, I am proud to say that experiences and results became better every round.

During the tournament, one thing that I felt essential for progress to be made, was the feedback received from the judges, teammates, and opponents. After each round, receiving feedback and different perspectives from different people supported personal growth and was a massive contributing factor for the success of the subsequent rounds.

Overall, the tournament emphasized the significance of critical thinking, creativity, and the capacity to quickly adapt and respond, which is valuable throughout one’s entire life. I owe my ability to participate in such a prestigious tournament and achieve success, to the invaluable support and opportunities provided by IEGS.


Thank you IEGS!

Made by Neville Bhinday, one of the two IEGS participants in SSE Riga IV. 

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