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IHC Cross Country

By Lydia Barsawme

WOW is all we can say for our 2021 IHC Cross Country! What an amazing event, being outdoors and enjoying a healthy walk or run on the track. Our students there supporting each other and their house, seeing everyone come together and coordinate to make the day a really great one. 

ihc cross country

Our house captains did an amazing job at bringing their house together, getting them ready for the 5k race and being supportive and enthusiastic the whole way! Our staff took on many roles during the day, some running and competing and others walking the track, motivating students to finish. The hardest task was having to calculate all the scores to see which house won!

stockholm skolor och lärare

All in all it was a really great day and we are very proud of our students and school. Congrats to all the winners!

internationella engelska gymnasiet, skola i stockholm södermalm

Overall win - King House ❤️

Fastest Boy - Samuel Flodin NV3C Pavlov House 💙

Fastest Girl -  Simone Burger IB2B Curie House 💛

Best Dressed - Curie House 💛

Fastest House Boys - King House ❤️

Fastest House Girls - Kind House ❤️

internationella engelska gymnasiet, skola i stockholm södermalm, läsa i stockholm




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