IHC Ensemble

4 April 2016

Music is a form of artistic expression that when used in its true intent has the rare capability to reach out to a crowd - regardless whether big or small, strangers or friends - and produce a rush of vast, raw emotion within every single person in the room. Intense feelings of passion, fascination and inspiration go hand in hand with a carefully constructed piece of music delivered with true authenticity on stage. It is probable that this is the reason why the Ensemble is such a well-loved inter house competition by all of IEGS. Or maybe it is simply because of how enjoyable it is - regardless whether you are up on stage representing your house or cheering in the crowd.

Each year without fail an immense and lively crowd of students from all years, teachers from all departments, and other excited guests gather in the aula with high expectations, ready to be moved and inspired by the awaited show. An air of enthusiasm and excitement can be felt suspended over the room as the seats are quickly occupied by the sound of laughter and eager chatter. Each year without fail, every house delivers a heartfelt musical number of remarkable quality.

This year there was an exciting mix of genres and eras amongst the song choices of the houses. The classic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody had been taken on by King, who were first up on stage. The curiosity about how they had tackled this ambitious song choice was soon answered by their elegant harmonies and swift way of working through the transitions of the song. Pavlov got a swinging rock ‘n’ roll vibe going with Mercy by Duffy, hitting the crowd with powerful vocals and sharp guitar solos. Thereafter Russell paid homage to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black through a vivid performance, dramatic and meticulous to musical detail. The acts were concluded with My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy, performed by Curie. They treated the crowd to an engaging performance with an energetic choir, skillful musicians and expressive vocals.

It is was a close contest. As the winner was to be announced by the judges, the suspense escalated together with the vibrating drumroll, generated from the stomping crowd. This year it was Russell House who rose up in exultation and took to the stage one last time to perform their well-woven musical piece as winners.

The Ensemble is a display of hard work and determination, driven by a passionate love for music. It is a genuine and heartfelt show of teamwork and cooperation, which is what the houses at IEGS are all about. A huge well done to all the houses and a special congratulations to Russell House for taking home the trophy!

- Klara Selling

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