IHC X Country 2023

IEGS Blog | 14 September 2023
What a superb day for our school with our first IHC event, the X-country! Everything was organised so well and everyone contributed, making for a smooth running day. I was so great to see the positive energy, support and good vibes all round! This event is a highlight and one that I believe is a memorable experience that our students will look back on fondly! The weather was amazing, but most importantly you all make the day so enjoyable. 

Lovely to see the students still playing football afterwards, and building team spirit. It is so good to see you and our students mixing in another setting.

First place and fastest overall at the IHC went to a staff member again this year, with the title going to James. For the ladies, Claire was our fastest staff member. We have some really fast and resilient staff and students - well done to all - and I do hope you reached the goal that you had set for yourself!
Other results - Curie House dominated this IHC when it came to the x-country and attendance (almost 80%), and Russell received the colour crystal plate for house spirit. 
Thank you again for making the day a great one! 
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