IHC X-Country

3 September 2015

The first Inter House Competition of the year had an exciting start escorted with a sunny day. We saw energetic students ready to run, happy walkers and creative third years who dressed up in everything from a duck onesie to wearing a flamingo hat. The cross country run was 5k for both teachers and students to be amused by. As the runners approached the finish line, they were applauded and cheered on by the dressed up students and teachers. It went as far as
Ms. Gavin running the race in a minion onesie. After all, it was a competition and we had winners, the fastest girl belonged to Pavlov House and the fastest boy to Russell House, coincidentally both were first years. Last but not least, despite the close competition with Curie, the attendance trophy was won by Pavlov House. This unique day was filled with excitement, joy and enthusiasm, all thanks to the fantastic students and supportive teachers.

Congrats again to all the winners!

- Jessica Iyer, NS3A

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