International Survey Reveals Standards Are Slipping

9 December 2009

An international survey reveals that standards have fallen in Maths and Physics in Sweden.

Radio Sweden writes:

Swedish sixth form students in their last year of study have become worse in both maths and physics. An international study comparing different countries in 2008, shows that knowledge in both subjects has deteriorated markedly in Sweden in recent years.

The last time the Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMMS) presented its findings in 1995, Sweden ranked amongst the highest in physics. Today Sweden has slipped down the rankings to fifth, while in advanced maths, Sweden ranks second bottom out of ten countries, only the Phillipines fares worse.

At Internationella Engelksa Gymnasiet we have a solid track-record of achievement in both Maths and Physics with a high proportion of our graduates going on to study the sciences at university level.

You can take IAS Level Maths at IEG

You can take IAS Level Maths at IEG

We also offer an express course for talented students in Maths and plan to offer the Cambridge University International A and AS Level in Mathematics from next year. This internationally recognised qualification enables students to compete with students abroad. We believe IA and IAS Levels are an excellent accompaniment to the standard Swedish curriculum as they give our students a better chance of being granted a place at the top universities in Britain.

IA and IAS Levels give university admissions officers a chance to directly compare our students with British students as this is the international equivalent of the examination 18-year-olds sit in the UK.

Discover for Yourself

To find out more about IAS Levels as well as Maths and Science at IEG, why not visit our next Open House on January 28, 2010 at 18:00> and talk to students and staff from the school.

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