Mr Knox & Students Work Magic with Student Room 

22 September 2010

Mr Knox, head of Pavlov House at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, was given the task of being in charge of redesigning the school's student room earlier this year.

“It was Mr Kühn who suggested it, as he thought it would be right up my street with my background in architecture. I thought it was a good idea,” Mr Knox says.

When IEGS opened up again after the summer vacation, students at the school – located in the heart of Södermalm – were introduced to a completely transformed student room.

“The room last year was awful, nothing but plain white walls,” says Kajsa Swaffer, a third year student at IEGS. “It was just a few sets of chairs and tables, and a couple worn-out, disgusting sofas. The renovation entirely changed the room. The new decor is really nice and gives a comfy atmosphere. Now we actually go there.”

The redesigned student room mixes black, green and white, creating a cosy atmosphere. The furniture is predominantly black and there are plenty of pillows making it really comfortable.

“I told the pupils [who helped to design the room] to make sure the design was durable," Mr Knox explains. "They wanted to have a cozy theme, a breath of fresh air from the usual classroom and school environment.”

Getting students involved

Mr Knox gathered together a small army of students to help both design and construct the room. The was necessary as it was quite a lot of work for one person.

“The students were given specific tasks in both the design processes and manufacturing process. They were allowed to choose whether they were going to do 3D or 2D designs, painting or carpentry, etcetera,” Mr Knox explains. “As I'm a busy man with many projects on the go, [the task] ended up being very challenging. We ran out of time so pupils had to work overtime to get it finished.”

Being able to get the students involved is highly appreciated and a great benefit to the school. Dr Benedikz, principal at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, feels that it's important students take part in things like redesigning the student room.

“This whole idea of having students involved gives a sense of community," says Dr Benedikz. "I'm glad Mr Knox was given invaluable support and help by them."

Room for development

As of today, there is one u-shaped sofa in one end of the student room, and in the other end a sofa, a few chairs and a table. This leaves a lot of space for further use.

“There is still room for development. For example, it needs more seating areas,” Dr Benedikz says.

The dream scenario, according to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet principal Dr Benedikz, would be to have one student room per House.

"That way students would have more space to get together in-between classes."

With M. Knox and his brilliant team of interior decorators, who says it wouldn’t be possible in the future.

By Josephine Marass Hägg, a third year student from the Text & Communication Course.

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