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Nordic Schools Debate Championships 2018

By Megan Rocher

IEGS was very proud to participate the in the second Nordic Schools Debate Championships from the 23rd to the 25th of February this year. The competition was held in Copenhagen, Denmark and saw judges and debaters represented from 17 different countries, with a total of 300 participants!

Ms Berry accompanied Daniela Tupan (IB1G), Andreas Backman (IB2G), Akshat Desphande (IB2G) and Andrew Mabon (IB3G) to the tournament for three days of fierce debate, adjudicated by some of the best judges in the world! It was an intense experience but our students performed well. If they weren't preparing for a debate, they were debating, and if they weren't debating, they were back to preparing! IEGS competed in 2 debates on Friday and 4 debates on Saturday. Half of these were impromptu motions, and the remaining half were prepared motions.

The students did a fantastic job, receiving useful feedback, but sadly did not make it into the finals. Instead they watched the finalists and gathered inspiration for our own club, hoping to make it further next year! Very well done to the students that participated as well as Miss Berry for leading the team, we look forward to watching the debate team further thrive!


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