A Spooktacular Halloween at IEGS

29 October 2013

Halloween can be a very scary event. You never know what you’ll find hiding under the bed… Or at school…

Last Friday we had the pleasure, or maybe more fitting, the absolute horror of encountering many different scary monsters, clowns, and ghosts! But we also saw just as many superheroes, pumpkins, and nerds! There was a large variety of costumes and makeup not only among the students but as usually many of the teachers went all in with their costumes. Mr. Goddard, as an example, was in his lovely Mickey Mouse Fantasia outfit.

It has become a tradition here at IEGS to celebrate an early Halloween the Friday before autumn break and every year both students and staff get involved in not only dressing up in very different imaginative costumes, but also in making the school look and feel like a haunted house. And this year was no different! In school, we encountered scary music, spiders hanging from their webs and bloody hand prints on the walls; this was not something for the faint hearted.

The King House corridor had been transformed into the “The Royal Dungeon” and it was by far the scariest corridor a the school! As stated at the entrance: you were to enter at your own risk. Why? Because a creepy clown together with her partner in crime Jason the Ripper were hiding in a “bodybag” right below the stairs, just waiting to jump out and scare anyone who dared to enter. Also, did you see the “photobooth” the King House seniors had set up? Hopefully many of you got your spooky pictures taken!

Some of the highlights of the day were finding yourself face to face with a real Stormtrooper, the silent and unidentified ghost up on the balcony, seeing both students and teachers jump and scream out of fear at the person in the bodybag, as well as the magnificent feast of tacos in the lunch hall!

Even after everything was cleaned up, one could still hear the screams echoing through all of the corridors, and one could also sense the lingering presence of all the horrifying supernatural beings that haunted our school on Friday. A lot of effort was put into the event giving the day that extra spark! Therefore we can with great joy state that this year’s Halloween at IEGS was a success.

Have a spooktacular autumn break everyone, and happy Halloween!

[Authored by Emmah Westerberg & Venus Asadi]

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