Students Attend Conference in China

15 May 2013

Earlier this month Emelie Gummesson and Josefine Jacobsson, third year students at IEGS, travelled to China to take part in the International Young Pioneer Round Table Conference at Shenzen Middle School.

The aim of the conference was for students from around the world to come together to discuss what an ideal school would be like.

It was great that we were invited to represent Sweden," said Mr Wang, who accompanied the girls on the trip. "The Chinese organizers were very keen to hear about Swedish education and our students did a good job."

Approximately sixty students participated in the four day event with the majority coming from China. Students from countries as far afield as Finland, Germany, Tunisia, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and the USA however also took part.

Josefine & Emelie

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"It was a great experience," said Emelie, who recently won a scholarship to study at university in China. "It gave me a taste of what to expect when I study here. I also learned about other educational systems from around the world."

The students were divided into six working groups from the very first evening they arrived and expected to work hard.

"Within an hour and a half of arriving at the hotel the girls were working in their groups," said Mr Wang. "It was super intense."

"Our students were very good," said Mr Wang. "I was very happy with the friendly and professional way they worked alongside the other students. They did a great job presenting Sweden."

Mr Wang was also involved in the proceedings, giving a 'typical' Swedish maths lesson to a group of almost a hundred delegates whilst being filmed by local television.

"I was nervous the evening before when I knew it was going to be filmed but once I stood up and started teaching," Mr Wang explained, "I forgot all about the cameras."

Josefine & Emelie
Josefine & Emelie

For Emelie, the trip was very much about experiencing a new culture and making new friends from around the world whilst discussing education.

"It felt like a really fitting way to the end of of three years at an international school," said Emelie. "It was so interesting to meet so many international students in just one place. Everyone was so smart and had a lot of ideas to share. We had many interesting discussions both inside and outside the conference." Despite the jetlag after such an intense trip, everyone involved felt it was worth it.

"I'm very happy with how it all went," said Mr Wang. "I hope this is the beginning of a great friendship between IEGS and Shenzen Middle School."

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