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3 November 2009

(Image: SPT Talks take place once a term at IEG)

Today saw the start of this term's Student-Parent-Teacher Talks (SPT-Talks) at Int. Engelksa Gymnasiet.

"They're not grade conferences," explains school principal Dr Margret Benedikz. "It's more a chance for students to meet with their mentor one-to-one and look at ways in which their school performance can be improved."

Of course, mentors meet with their students throughout the school term but at SPT-talks parents get a chance to be in on the conversation.

"It's important because succeeding at gymnasium is very much about having the support of your family," says Dr Benedikz.

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Being the Best YOU Can Be

IEG is committed to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to develop to the fullest of their capacity during their time at Allhelgonagatn 4.

"SPT-Talks are an important part of that process. It's important for students to hear how they are doing and what they need to do to improve," says Dr Benedikz. "We believe clear, constructive and supportive feedback is essential."

The school uses SchoolSoft to record and track each students performance. These records enable mentors to gain an insight into how their students are doing.

"We're very happy with SchoolSoft," says Dr Benedikz. "No system is perfect, but SchoolSoft gives mentors an overview of how a student is doing. Where necessary, mentors also liaise with individual members of staff to get a more nuanced picture of how a student is doing."

Parents are able to track their son or daughter's attendance and grades through SchoolSoft. They can also contact teachers directly through the system.

"It's just another way in which we're trying to improve the flow of information from the school to parents and students," says Dr Benedikz.

SchoolSoft is launching a new version in the coming weeks with improvements to the user-interface that are designed to benefit students, parents and schools.

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