Third Year Production

12 March 2018

On the 21st of February the third year drama class at International English Gymnasium performed You can’t take it with you, a play written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. The play was originally set in the 30’s. It’s a very entertaining comedy with many odd characters together with a playful plot. You can’t take it with you is a play about meetings, we get to know two families who are each others complete opposites. The Kirbys are a posh, rich family where both the father and the son work on wall street. The Sycamores on the other hand are a crazy mix of people! We meet everyone from dancers to scriptwriters. They are a lovable and happy family who would let anyone join in. The plot develops as Alice, the youngest in the Sycamore family, falls in love with the Tony, son to Miriam and Anthony Kirby. Conflict begins to arise as we understand that the families do not go well together, turning the events into an emotional and hilarious spectacle.

Working with You can’t take it with you has been a long process. We started reading different scripts at the beginning of the autumn semester. After experimenting with all our options we together decided on You can’t take it with you. First we explored the characters in multiple ways, we used scenes from the script together with creating our own. Here everyone was able to show their version of each and every character. This was our brainstorm session. We wanted to see as many opportunities and ideas as possible. Which was a very good way to start up the project because we got a lot of joy and laughter out of this part. This hugely contributed to us having a lot of energy throughout the preparation process.

The next step was of course to cast the play. This was up to our teachers, Ms Lina Bogren and Mr Jonas Grape, however we got to audition for the parts we wanted and then they made the final call. After these segments, the production started for real. From late autumn to the 21st of February we’ve worked with the script and scenes. This has been an very interesting process with many ups and downs. Our biggest challenges have been to learn our lines and ques. Since this is a comedy it is very important with timing and a high tempo which I think was something we really grasped only two weeks before the premiere. The last week before the premiere was when things started to fall into place. Everything started looking good and the lines finally stuck. Leaving things like this, to the very last minute made it a very stressful week but we developed so much which was wonderful to see and experience. I believe that this performance is the best thing our class has ever produced, from the set to the development of characters and relationships. Now looking back at it I can truly say that everyone succeed in really making the most of themselves and the characters. We are all very proud and happy with what we produced!

Full Cast of 'You cant take it with you'

/ Hanna Loinder Arvidsson SPD3F

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