Top Ivy League University Visits IEGS

28 September 2012

IEGS had the pleasure of hosting a visit from Jonathan Martin, Assistant Director of Admissions, at Yale University on Thursday.

The visit from one of America’s top Ivy League universities attracted almost 200 people, drawn from both IEGS and other schools in the Stockholm region including Viktor Rydberg and Danderyd.

“I think it was a very successful evening,” said Dr Benedikz, IEGS principal. “It’s a great opportunity for all students – not just at IEGS – to find out what opportunities are out there. Yale is a top university and we’re delighted to welcome them back to meet Swedish students.”

Martin’s lecture lasted an hour and a half, and inquisitive students were able to stay behind to ask additional questions.

One of the most popular questions was: “What is Yale looking for in the personal statements?”

Someone else wondered: “Do you have a cheerleading team?”

Martin was keen to point out that when it comes to personal statements, it’s essential students are “authentic”. He also assured students that, “Yes, Yale does have a cheerleading team,” although he was a keen equestrian during his student days.

Meatballs & Lingonberry Jam Just Five Minutes Away

Although some Swedish students might fear being homesick if they end up studying on the other side of the Atlantic, Mr Martin said they shouldn’t worry.

“There’s an IKEA just five minutes from campus,” he said. “It attracts plenty of enrolled students at the beginning of each academic year.”

No doubt all the Swedes go to get their weekly fix of Meatballs & Lingonberry Jam !

No Language Test Necessary

One of the best pieces of news was that Mr Martin assured potential applicants from IEGS that they wouldn’t be required to complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Yale does not make the TOEFL a prerequisite for admission if a student has followed the secondary school curriculum in English for at least two years.

Massive Thanks to Mr Martin & Yale

Jonathan Martin’s visit to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet was a resounding success. His his presentation was full of important information and tips that no doubt left many of those that attended sure to think seriously about applying to one of America’s top universities.

by Rebecka Lindeberg & Alva Winsa

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