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IEGS Blog | 25 August 2021

What a few days we've had, the school is finally filled with smiling students and the IEGS school year is not off to a start! Students started the day on Monday with a staggered schedule, so not too overwhelming with everyone in all at once. Students met their classmates and worked on team building activities. Starting in a new school and moving over from year 9 to gymnasium is a big step and we want to make sure that our students feel at ease with the process. It's important to have the opportunity to get to know the environment and fellow classmates before jumping into lessons, especially since all our year 1 students are starting gymnasium without having seen the school before due to COVID.

Dr Heimeier welcoming students to IEGS
Dr Heimeier and staff greeting students at school entrance

Thanks to our House System here at Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm we have an embedded system in how we work together as a school and study body. It's a great way to stimulate collaboration and it gives students the opportunity to get to know students in their class, other programs and other year groups. Not only does this build for a positive environment, but it gives students a sense of belonging. It also give students the opportunity to grow within the house system and develop into leadership roles, a great way to prepare for future university or future employment. Our house seniors and captains who have taken on these leadership roles were here on the first day of school helping the year one students find their class, give tours of the school and let them know what life is really like here at IEGS.

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