“We're going to kick ass!” insist dancers

17 February 2011

Third year Text & Communications students Yohana Habtemariam and Annette Kaziro preview the upcoming Inter House Dance Competition.

The Inter House Dance competition takes place on February 23 and rehearsals are getting increasingly intense. Despite the pressure, the team leaders are growing in confidence when it comes to their House’s chances.

We talked to Curie House team leader Rawnak Badee from N3B and King House team leader Alexandra Karlberg from S3C, both of whom are passionate about the ongoing preparations for the competition.

“It is a great idea to have a dance competition, I didn´t think we had such talent in the school,” says Alexandra Karlberg.

The preparations, however, have not been a bed of roses as the challenge of keeping to competition rules has limited the use of expression in the choreography. Performances are required to stay “PG-13”.

“We have to be appropriate not only in our choice of music but in our choice of dancing,” explains Rawnak Badee. “It has been very time consuming to organizing everything but I think that all the hard work will show in the end.”

Element of surprise

The interest shown from the students has been exceptional. Surprisingly, many more students than expected turned up to rehearsals.

“I was shocked by the number of people that wanted to be a part of this,” says Alexandra.

Promotions were displayed all over the IEG community. Rawnak went around putting up posters while Alexandra was busy posting a note on the King House Facebook page. “I think that the great turn out is due to all the social media methods that we used,” adds Alexandra.

“In my house there aren’t a lot of people that dance, but I managed to get a hold of the people from last year’s IHC ensemble that danced on stage,” says Rawnak.

At first the students in Curie House were not too keen on the idea of dancing in front of the entire school, but the group dynamics that have built up during rehearsals have truly changed the students’ minds.
“They´re really excited now!” says Rawnak.


The IH dance competition did not start out as a dance competition. Initially it was intended to be a drama competition. Nevertheless, once it was decided to hold a competition focussing on dance, Alexandra and Rawnak were asked to organize this event given the reputation they have in the school for being talented dancers. What’s more, they were given the responsibility of finding the judges.

IEGS has previously invited ex-students such as Anik ”coco pop” and Erik to judge the competition and once again we’re honoured to invite them back to the school.

“It’s brilliant to have our former students such as Anik and Erik back as star judges,” says Dr. Benediktz. “They’re great examples of the talent within this school and it’s great that they’re a part of the new changes.""

“I think it’s good when any judge knows what he’s talking about and is familiar with the concept ,” explained Mr. Knox. “However, there are complications with having former students as judges since it sometimes may result in unfair judging.”

According to Dr Benedikz: “We’re bringing in the old with the new. I think it shows that we always welcome back our former students and that we’re proud of them.”

When it comes to each House and their sources of inspiration, it seems the media is very influential.
“I get a lot of my inspiration from music videos,”says Rawnak.

“The songs create an image in your mind that helps develop the choreography,” Alexandra Karlberg adds.
Although both Alexandra and Rawnak are confident of their chances it ultimatelyl comes down to how each House performs on the day.

The Inter House Dance Competition take place on February 23 in the school Aula.

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