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Aesthetics with Specialisation Drama

In the drama specialisation, we believe that theatre is about the meeting and relationship that is created between performer and audience.

This subject primarily deals with the different artistic expressions that appear within a theatre performance, such as:

  • acting,
  • directing and
  • set design

With the help of concepts, theories and methods from these artistic expressions, a greater understanding of theatre as an art form is developed.

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  • Throughout the programme, you will be encouraged to think about the social significance of theatre, both historically and in contemporary society, with the aim of helping you contextualise your experiences on the programme and as developing performers.
  • We will encourage you to analyse and interpret a range of different theatrical enactments and performances. This will include visits to watch performances across a wide variety of theatrical forms.
  • From a practical perspective, we will help you develop your ability to use your body and voice as a means for theatrical expression and facilitate a clearer understanding of how to communicate with an audience through these expressions.
  • You will also be encouraged to think about how theatrical narratives are constructed, about how different forms of theatrical expression interact and perhaps most crucially, how to reflect on your own creativity and performance. In addition to considering more personal aspects of performance, you will also be encouraged to think about and develop an understanding of wider theatrical expressions such as set design, costume, masks, lighting and sound, and critically the importance of direction within the creative process.

Beyond the Arts Programme

After completing either specialisations within the Aesthetics Programme at IEGS, as well as gaining an advanced range of highly specific skills in your focus area, you will also have developed a range of transferable skills including the ability to think laterally and solve problems in a creative way.

These kind of skills are natural drama specialists and therefore makes you an attractive asset, particularly within the creative industries sector.

Employers in this sector rely on people who have the ability to think differently, formulate questions and solve problems. More specifically, you will be critically aware of self and external factors in a range of circumstances. Possess the ability to be reflective, develop good interpersonal skills, be resourceful and possess a greater appreciation of the benefits of diversity.

You will have developed excellent research skills and be able to show evidence of project planning and management through your artistic endeavour.

In addition to this you will be able to work both independently or part of a team and be an experienced and practical decision maker. You will be well practiced making oral and written presentations in English, be a competent user of IT, in particular using a range of creative software programmes and possess excellent self-motivation and self-management skills.


Located in the heart of Södermalm, IEGS is perfectly placed to study Art and Form OR Theatre, due to its close proximity to a range of high quality art galleries, museums and theaters.

Within the school there is a dedicated Art room, 3D workshop and MAC suite 

We are also currently investing heavily to develop our theatre facilities. To date we have a dedicated drama and dance studio and a large auditorium which performances are held.

Application Procedure

To be considered for a place at IEG to study Arts specialisation Drama:

  • apply as normal through Gyantagning
  • attend a drama audition at IEGS

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