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Health & Wellness

Our role is to make sure that all students have the opportunity to be successful and achieve their learning goals.

Our Care Team

Ms. Hall, Student Care Manager
Ms. Hall graduated from the Institute of Education, London University, in 1992 as a History Teacher. She has taught in inner London, working in a variety of different roles. In 2008 Ms Hall became an Assistant Head Teacher taking responsibility for both the curriculum and pastoral areas. Ms. Hall is currently the Student Care Manager.

Ms. Grunde, Nurse
Ms. Grunde graduated as a nurse in Stockholm in 1978, and then received a Master's degree in Healthcare in Umeå in 1985. She has worked with healthcare for children for 18 years. Before joining IEGS, she has mostly worked with children between the ages of 6 to 15. She works two days per week at IEGS. 

Ms. Silvonen, Specialpedagog
Ms. Silvonen is working as a part of the student care team with an expertise in working with students with a diagnosis and special educational needs. Ms. Silvonen is driven to support all students on their student journey at IEGS. Talk to her about: Learning support and pedagogical adjustments, academic skills and study techniques, meaningful goal-setting, creativity and more. 

Mr. Sundström, Counsellor 

Ms. Wållberg, Nurse
Ms. Wållberg is a school nurse with a degree from Ersta Sköndal University College and Karolinska Institutet. She has a speciality training in School Nursing and worked previously in a compulsory school.

Ms. Westin, Counsellor

As a team our role is to make sure that all students have the opportunity to be successful and achieve their learning goals. Whatever this journey may look like and whatever barriers might exist.

We work actively with students and those that are involved with their care - in school with teachers and mentors and outside of school with guardians and others. 

What do we actually do?

Our nurses are available daily to help and support students and their needs in regards to their health. Their door is always open to drop by. 

We have two school counsellors who you can talk to about anything, whether it be school related or home related. They are always here to guide you and to listen whatever the issue may be. There is never something to small or to big to talk about and if we can't help you directly in the school, we can always guide you in the steps to seek help via external agencies. 

Follow our Student Care account!

It's a great resource with lots of information for you about our team and topics related to health: @studentcare_iegs.

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