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Ekaterina Koledenkova-Kärner

Programme: International Baccalaureate

I am an 18 year old student living alone in Stockholm, Sweden. When I was 16, I told my dad: “Hey, I found this international school in Stockholm at IEGS, and I really want to go to the gymnasium there”. Thereafter, I took initiative and moved cities by and for myself for an international and fulfilling high school experience. I come from a diverse background, with me almost knowing 3 languages fluently in addition to interacting with people of all kinds of cultures around the world throughout my life.

What do you like best with your programme?

I love the international mindedness aspect. Teachers in the IB are all about critical thinking and evaluating the impact of words. We interact with the real world by linking statements or pieces of work to global issues, and consider the differences in sexism, racism, and economic hardship in cultures.

What is it like to be in your programme and why did you pick it?

The International Baccalaureate is a challenging, inspiring programme which allows students to have an input on global issues and then at the same time evaluating if their opinion has any strengths or limitations. I chose this programme to become more globally knowledgable, reflective and I also wanted to meet people from around the globe.

What house are you in and what is it like to be in a house?

I am in Curie house! As a one of the leaders of the house, it is so awesome and inspiring to see students and staff alike in our community to get together to win competitions and prizes.

What electives do you plan on taking in the third year?

In IB we do not take electives

What do you like most about IEGS?

Our mentor classes and mentors themselves are so lovely and caring. Students try their best to bring classes together and have memorable experiences they will look back on in the future.

What was your first day like at IEGS?

18th of August; I remember it so vividly. I came to school and were shown which class I belonged to. Afterwards I went to the aula and set next to a girl which would later become my best friend all throughout my experience at IEGS. The rest is history!

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