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Leya Bengtsson

Programme: International Baccalaureate

My name is Leya Bengtsson, I am 18 years old and in my final year of IB! I am a social and very organized person, I love to color coordinate everything. I do not do very much in my free time besides work, watch football and spend time with my friends.

What do you like best with your programme?

My favourite part of IB is that you get to pick your subject in DP1.

What is it like to be in your programme and why did you pick it?

I find it very difficult to describe the IB to other people who does not know a lot about it, but I usually say that it is very fun because of my friends. However, the IB is a lot and can easily become overwhelming. I choose the IB because I was unsure of what I wanted to study after gymnasiet and I therefore felt like IB was a fitting program as I then had an extra year to pick what subjects I wanted to do and at the same time decide on the direction I wanted to go.

What house are you in and what is it like to be in a house?

I am in King House, for me the house system within IEGS is a very good way to bring classes and different year groups together. Since I started at IEGS the house competitions have always been really fun and you can really tell how enthusiastic everyone is for their house. And even if we compete against each other all the time we also collaborate which introduces you to new people all the time.

What electives do you plan on taking in the third year?

I am in the IB so I dob't pick any electives as I have my 6 subjects I study over the course of my time at IEGS. The subjects I take at the moment are: English A HL, Swedish A HL, Psychology HL, Biology SL, ESS SL and Math AI SL

What do you like most about IEGS?

My favourite part of IEGS are my friends of course as well as many of my teachers they really help me enjoy school way more.

What was your first day like at IEGS?

My first day at IEGS was scary but also very fun, I walked in extremely nervous but at the same time very excited. Right from the first day I got new friends and got a really good impression of the school. From that day I really felt like this was the right school for me.

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