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Glee Concert Fundraiser

By Lydia Barsawme

On Thursday the 28th May the Gleed Club at IEGS will be hosting a concert to help fundraise money for Nepal.

It will be a spectacular show with guest speakers and more. A 20kr donation has been asked with the purchase of each ticket, however any contribution will help make a difference!

It will take place in the schools Aula starting at 15:15 and tickets can be purchased in advance.

Do something good! Give a little to make a difference!
Don’t miss out on this great event! 

World Book Day

By Lydia Barsawme

World Book Day is a yearly event, celebrated April 23rd, organized by UNESCO as a worldwide tribute to books and reading. It is a way to celebrate reading as well as fight against illiteracy. With 175 million adolescents in the world unable to read a single sentence, World Book Day is a way to raise awareness. More information about World Book Day and UNESCO

Of course we will celebrate World Book Day in IEGS Library as well! The day will feature an exhibition of the rarities from the library book collection, literature quiz and more.

Andrea Lundgren. Photo: Ylva Sundgren.


IEGS Visual Arts Expo

By Lydia Barsawme

During week 11 our third year IB Visual Arts students will be displaying their artwork at a local venue here in Stockholm. This is the culmination of the IB Visual Arts course in which students have been working on their pieces for two years. It is a great accomplishment for our students and we look forward to sharing their wonderful work with all of you.

On Thursday they will have a private showing (invitation only) between 16-19 and on Friday they will have a viewing where all are welcome between 10-17. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support young and aspiring students who

Chess IHC

By Lydia Barsawme
This year at the Chess IHC there were a total of 54 games played between twelve chess players. We have the results!

IEGS Drama Show – Trial

By Tao Wang

From Wednesday to Friday of week 8, IEGS third year drama students will be performing at Dramalabbet (Östgötagatan 2) for only 50:-, their performance is Kafka’s the Trial.

Download the poster

Josie K wakes up one fine morning and finds herself being arrested. But there is no explanation to what crime she is suspected of, there are no clues to what is expected from her. She tries to make sense of what is going on around her, but that is easier said than done. Kafka’s the Trail, in the hands of Director Janna Lindström is a dark comedy that gives the ensemble of ten young actors

IEGS Annual Art Exhibition

By Tao Wang

On Tuesday and Wednesday week 5 the annual Art Exhibition took place. The art displayed by our students was as always proof of our students talent and ambition.



This year it drew more spectators than last year, both on the first day and during open house. Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet truly has some really artistic students. I know I walked around with a big smile on my face and a chest full of pride. Our students keep impressing me.

Mr. Junkka

IHC Debate 2014 - 2015

By Tao Wang

At 8AM sharp the respective teams of Curie and Pavlov gathered outside the Pavlov corridor, awaiting the first motion of the IHC Debate this year. The team captains were called in and a few minutes later the doors opened and it was announced:

This house would reintroduce National Service to Sweden between the ages of 18 to 21, with Curie as the proposition and Pavlov as the opposition. This required a model on how this reintroduction of National Service would be implemented in our society and this lies on Curie.

After mentor time, students of all four houses shuffled into the aula

University of Cambridge to Visit IEGS

By Editor

On Monday the 2nd of June at 19.00, IEGS, will have the pleasure to have a visit from the prestigious UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, U.K.

This is a great opportunity to get information, valuable tips, answers of what grades are required and to ask your own questions! This information is great for students applying to Cambridge but also when you are applying to other Universities!

Both you, your parents, siblings and friends, are warmly welcome to this information!

Please register via this link: Register here if you plan to come (just to see approximately numbers attending).

When: Monday

Release Party for White Oak

By Editor

We are happy to announce that today, a number of students from the Creative Writing class are releasing their published work! We would be more than honored if you could attend the release party! You have seen us struggle through these years and helped us through it so it is time to share a victory.

The book is named White Oak and has a total of 15 short stories by our different student authors.

This has been a tough but highly rewarding project and I can personally say that I am extremely proud of what this group – which I was lucky enough to belong to – has accomplished.

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