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IHC X-Country 2016

By Megan Rocher

Written by Mr Foster: 

As I was going to sleep I could tell it would be a restless night. Thinking off all the elements of preparation for the cross country. Tossing and turning hoping I had not forgot anything, wondering how my house and mentor class will perform. What fancy dress to wear and would anyone have the same costume? My daughter must have also sensed the excitement as she wet the bed at 3:30​am​. With a change of sheets and double check of the packing list it was time to go back to dreaming of previous cross country events and speculating about what Thursday would bring. 

Inspirational speaker Kristina Paltén visits IEGS

By Lydia Barsawme

If you’re ever feeling unmotivated, here’s a small suggestion: google Kristina Paltén. You’ll find a link to her website, and there you can read about her absolutely incredible accomplishments. She has to set world records (322,93 km in 48 hours and 107,49 kilometers in 12 hours), climbed mountains, sailed from Fiji to New Zealand, the list goes on. She’s also the first woman to have run across Iran.

When Kristina first started speaking, what she was told us about herself was quite different to what I was seeing. She seemed perfectly comfortable talking in front of students and teachers

The 6th annual cross- country - IHC

By Tao Wang

The 6th annual cross- country run this year took place at Ursviksmotionsgård in Sundbyberg on the 4th September 2014.

With a fantastic venue set in the beautiful Swedish countryside, only a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm city, the stage was set for battle of the first IHC event of the academic year.

Students from all 4 houses: Curie, King, Pavlov and Russell all were eager to compete for the overall IHC cross-country trophy. This is awarded to the house with the best attendance, in combination with a bonus system for points awarded to the fastest runners in

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