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Jumping For Joy

Students Return From Berlin

Fifteen students from German 3 and 5 have just come back from a 4-day trip to Berlin. Ms. Constantin (German) and Mr. Heffernan (History) led the group through the city with a tightly-packed schedule of visits and tours. The experience was not only a way to appreciate Berlin's main sights and … [Read More...]

Ana Latorre

IEGS Science Represents East Coast-West Coast

The East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry was a feud in the 1990s. For IEGS In 2014 East Coast-West Coast means a happy science outcome. For the first time at the school, IEGS students advanced in two separate regional qualifiers, Göteborg and Stockholm. Ana Latorre was part of a two person research … [Read More...]

Welcoming Spoken Poetry of IEGS

It’s an age-old performance art, it was revived in the 1950s by the beat generation in America, and after a detour to Philadelphia, spoken poetry has finally reached IEGS. Some weeks ago, on the 10th of February, IEGS held its first spoken poetry evening. With an open theme, twelve brave poets … [Read More...]



Curie Win IHC Debate + We’ll be at Gymnasiemässan

Curie won this year's IHC Debate beating Russell in the hotly contested final. As Dr Whiteley writes: [T]his year's IHC Debate was won by Curie, in an incredibly close final, with the judges split 50/50 on who had won. Since neither side in fact proved their case, the final decision was given … [Listen here...]


Alma Kastberg Talks about IEGS in Italy

This week we talk to third year student Alma Kastberg about the recent Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet school trip to Rome, Italy. The Creative Writing option group and the Italian group zipped over to Rome for a few days to stay in host families and meet up with their exchange partners. … [Listen here...]

L-R: Gevorg Simonian, Negin Nanny Hamedi, Fredric Lundbom and Sara Khaledi

Hugs Not Drugs

This week we talk to second year drama student Gevorg Simonyan about the Hugs Not Drugs initiative he's started at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet along with the help and support of Mr Maier. Hugs Not Drugs' first event was to give out hugs to the community of IEGS recently. Gevorg explains … [Listen here...]


Oh Brother - An IEGS Student Play

IEGS Students to Perform Student Play Oh Brother

Come attend our third year Drama project, Oh Brother written and directed by Agnes Linnea Westergård. Now is your chance and opportunity to attend our third year project and play - Oh, Brother, written and directed by Agnes Linnéa Westergård. Actresses include Chelsea Gilbert, Negin Hamedi, … [Read More...]

The Laramie Project Continues

The Laramie Project continues today and tomorrow. Don't miss this sensational performance. IEGS third year drama students will be performing at Dramalabbet (östgötagatan 2) for only 50:-. More about the play can be read here. Mr. Goddard writes of the play, "There are only two opportunities left to … [Read More...]

IEGS Drama Students to perform The Laramie Project

From Wednesday to Friday this week, IEGS third year drama students will be performing at Dramalabbet (östgötagatan 2) for only 50:-. Their performance is The Laramie Project about the murder of Mathew Shepard and what went on in the small town where his murder happened. The performance is a … [Read More...]