Social Science

The Social Science Department at IEGS offers an exciting and diverse pre-university program that prepares students for university studies in the social sciences, as well as law.

Empowering students with knowledge.

The Department is, by its nature, interdisciplinary and the subjects taught in the department include Civics, History, Geography, International Relations, Religion, History of Culture and Ideas, Psychology, Business and Law. The department aims to empower our students with the knowledge, understanding and analytical skills that allow them to achieve success in a wide range of fields in the modern world. We want our graduate students to be equipped to ask probing questions and seek out nuanced answers to key contemporary issues at both local and global levels.

Aims of the department:

  • helping students broaden, deepen and develop knowledge of people’s living conditions based on different social, economical and historical issues
  • giving students the opportunity to develop knowledge of issues relating to power, democracy, gender equality and human rights including the rights of children and young people in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • giving students the opportunity to develop an understanding of issues related to working life, resources and sustainable development
  • developing the language skills of the students so that they can communicate at an appropriate level generally, and specifically, in the vocabulary of the social sciences
  • equipping the students with the capacity to establish relationships between the principal elements and concepts of the social science disciplines
  • encouraging students not only to develop the ability to search for, organise and assess information from different sources and media, but also to draw conclusions from the information and to express knowledge and ideas both orally and in writing, as well as using modern information technology
  • encouraging students to continue participating in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) debates to represent the school at regional, national, international level.


We strive to nurture international mindedness within our school community, encouraging our students to actively and positively engage in the world in all its complexity.

Mr. Bjarnestam

Geography and History

Mr. Bjarnestam is a Licentiate in Geography from Uppsala University. In his research Mr. Bjarnestam has focused on urban geography, perceptions of urban sustainable development and the planning process of the new Slussen area in Södermalm. He also holds a Master´s Degree in Geography, History and History of Religions from the universities in Stockholm and Uppsala, as well as being a licensed gymnasium teacher with a degree from the Stockholm Institute of Education, Lärarhögskolan.

Mr. Falk

Social Science and Law Teacher

Mr. Falk is a qualified teacher with a Master of Science in Education from Stockholm University. He's qualified to teach Civics, Religion and also Law after having completed studies at Lund University 2019.  

Mr. Johansson

Religion, International Relations and History Teacher

Mr. Johansson is a qualified teacher from Stockholm University. He holds a Master of science in Education and teaches Religion and History. Mr Johansson has 10 years of experience in recruitment and human resources in the Norwegian logistics industry.

Mr. McElwaine

History and International Relations Teacher, and Head of the Social Sciences and Law Department

Mr. McElwaine is from Northern Ireland. He has a BA in Modern History and English Literature from the University of Oxford. Mr. McElwaine also completed his teacher training at Oxford. He taught in both the UK and Spain before moving to Stockholm.

Ms. Måtar

Business and Law Teacher

Ms. Måtar is originally from Helsinki, Finland. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration as well as a teacher’s degree, both from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. She also carried out a part of her studies in Germany. Prior to joining IEGS, Ms. Måtar lived and worked in Shanghai, China for over a decade.

Mr. Shaw

Civics, International Relations, and English Teacher

Mr. Shaw is originally from Toronto, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a specialisation in Social Studies and English Literature. In addition to his primary areas of focus, Mr. Shaw also has a background in ESL instruction, gaining TEFL certification in 2017. He currently teaches Civics, International Relations, and English at IEGS.

Ms. Simister

Psychology and CAS Coordinator

Ms. Simister is a qualified Secondary School teacher from Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree, and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). She has also completed a pedagogical certificate from Harvard Graduate School of Teaching. Prior to joining IEGS, she taught in international schools for many years in Stockholm.

Mr. Sundström

History, Religion and Philosophy Teacher

Mr. Sundström is a qualified teacher from Stockholm University. He holds a Master of science in education and teaches history, religion and philosophy.

Dr. Tekle

Social Science, Environmental Systems and Societies, Environment and Energy Teacher

Dr. Tekle is originally from Eritrea and holds a B.A. in Geography & Sociology and M.A. in Geography from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He holds a PhD in Plant Ecology from Uppsala University. He is also a qualified teacher from Uppsala University and has a background in teaching and research.

Ms. Udovic

Social Science, History and Law Teacher

Ms. Udovic is from Sweden and has worked as a teacher since 2018, when she got her qualification. She has her bachelor degree from studies at Stockholm University, Uppsala University and Göteborg University and other universities. Her subjects are Social Science, History and Law. She has been teaching in Danderyds Gymnasium, Thorén Business School and Berghs School of Communication. Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a journalist and a writer for 20 years.

Mr. Walker

History, Social Science and International Relations Teacher

Mr. Walker is from the United Kingdom. He holds a BA and MA in Historical Research from Lancaster University, England. He taught in London for several years before moving to Stockholm.

Mr. Zanarelli

Philosophy Teacher

Mr. Zanarelli has an MA in Philosophy and French Literature from Lausanne University, Switzerland. He holds also a degree in Pedagogy. He has been teaching Philosophy and French Literature in a Swiss public Gymnasium, before joining IEGS in 2018. 

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