At IEGS the students acquire a high level of linguistic competence and leave the school as efficient users of two or sometimes several languages, of which Swedish usually is one.

Regardless of their prior knowledge, our goal is that everybody that comes to IEGS shall develop their Swedish in the best possible way during their three years with us.

Students studying in the Swedish curriculum take the courses Swedish 1, 2 and 3 or Swedish as a Second Language 1, 2 and 3. 

In the IB programme we offer the course Swedish A: Language and Literature for students with Swedish as their first language and Swedish B for students with Swedish as their second language. Both courses can be studied at Standard or Higher Level. In the IB Base Year, Swedish for beginners is also offered.

A rich input of language and culture is essential for the students language development and therefore we regularly take advantage of the school’s location in central Stockholm and take the students to cinemas, theatres and museums.


All teachers in the department are qualified for teaching Swedish and/or Swedish as a second language.

Ms. Afzelius

Swedish Teacher

Ms. Afzelius is a qualified teacher with a bachelor's degree in Swedish from Stockholm University and a teacher's degree in pedagogy from Mälardalens University. Ms. Afzelius has previously worked in television and film production as a production designer.

Ms. Baum

Swedish as a Second language Teacher

Ms. Baum is a teacher of Swedish as a Second Language with a degree from the University of Stockholm. She has been teaching Swedish to foreigners since 2017, giving lessons in both Komvux and privately.

Ms. Hörnell

Swedish Teacher

Ms. Hörnell has a Master of Education from Umeå University, majoring in English Literature and Swedish in 1997. She has also studied German at Linköping University and Dutch at Stockholm University. Since 2006 she has taught IB Swedish and from 2011 and onwards she has also worked for the International Baccalaureate as a Senior Examiner. She has taught in The Netherlands, China and India.

Mr. Jansson

Swedish as a Second Language Teacher

Mr. Jansson is currently teaching Swedish and Swedish as a Second Language at IEGS. He has also taught students at Lärarhögskolan i Stockholm from 1999 to 2004.

Ms. Larsson

Swedish Teacher

Ms. Larsson is an upper secondary teacher in Swedish and History with a degree from the Stockholm Institute of Education, Lärarhögskolan. She also holds a master in Curriculum Studies, with focus on Assessment from Uppsala University. Before she started teaching at IEGS, she taught Swedish at Jagellonian University in Cracow, Poland, for four years. 

Mr. Pettersson

Swedish Teacher

Mr. Pettersson has a Masters degree in English and Swedish from Umeå University and University of Liverpool. Prior to joining IEGS, Mr. Pettersson worked at Umeå University (phonetics) and in the Stockholm-area. Mr. Pettersson is also a recording jazz-artist with ten solo albums, has recorded and toured all over the world with some of the biggest names in jazz. In 2015 he was awarded the prestigious Lars Gullin-prize - one of Swedens biggest awards in music.

Ms. Sallmander

Swedish Teacher

Ms. Sallmander has a 2018 Master of education at Stockholm University, majoring in English literature and Swedish as a second language. She has previously worked in the music industry as production manager, the movie industry as production designer and has also run her own art gallery. During the early 00s, she lived in New York City working as a decorative painter.  

Ms. Sigfridsson

Swedish Teacher

Ms. Sigfridsson is a qualified teacher from Stockholm University. She is educated in the subjects Swedish and Geography with a Master degree in Geography and a Master degree in Education. She has previously worked with e-learning and film, but currently teaches Swedish at IEGS.

Ms. Sjödin

Swedish Teacher and Head of the Swedish Department

Ms. Sjödin has a Master of Education from Uppsala University and is a qualified teacher in Swedish and Religion. She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Special Needs Training from Stockholm University. 

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