How to Apply

Apply to year 1 of gymnasium

Applying to year 1

You apply to year 1 of high school through Gymnasieantagningen. They open in mid-January every year, and you can read all about the application process and eligibility on their website.  

If you are applying to the IB Programme, please follow the link for important information regarding the assessment test: IB ASSESSMENT

Applying after the school start, year 2 or 3

You apply to transfer to our school directly on our website. You find the form for International Baccalaureate here and for our national programmes here.  

Before you apply

You choose a programme with the specialisation you are looking for at the desired gymnasium you want to study at. The Studie- och yrkesvägledare (SYV) at your school can help you in preparation for this.

Find out:

  • what programme and courses suit you
  • which schools have the programmes your are looking for
  • what you need in order to get into your desired school

Talk to friends, former classmates and visit as many Open Houses as you can before making a final decision. Everyone has different experiences and knowledge, adults, teachers, current students of the school you are interested in - it is important to get as much perspective as possible. Your school SYV will also help you to get the answers you need in order to make a decision. 

You can also use Skolverkets website and to find and compare schools:

Find the right gymnasium

There are many school to choose from, some things to keep in mind are:

  • distance to where you live
  • is the school close to a commuter train or bus station
  • does the school have a lunch room or gym hall
  • what extra curricular activities does the school provide

There are many ways to find out information about the different schools.

You can:

  • read about the school on their website or follow them on social media
  • visit and compare the programs you are looking for and which schools offer them
  • go to Open Houses and talk to students and staff

Ready to Apply?

Are you ready? You apply directly on Gymnasieantagningens website. There you will find all the information you need on how to apply. Also there is information on important dates to keep track of and deadlines.

*IB applicants will be invited to IEGS for an Assessment Test on Monday 4th March, 2024*


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