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2018 Stockholm Schools Debating Championships in Lund

By Lydia Barsawme

The IEGS Debate Society participated in the 2018 Stockholm Schools Debating Championships in Lund on November 17th, 18th, and 19th. After taking Best Novice Team two years in a row in 2016 and 2017, they set their sights on further improving their skills and performance. The school sent one very hardworking team of five students: Andreas Backman, captain, Daniela Tupan, co-captain, Akshat Deshpande, Dylan Bradford, and a brand new competitor this year, Didrik Bratt. 

Over the course of the weekend, the students had an undefeated winning streak of six for six when they headed into the final

IEGS went to Leipzig for the 80th International Session of EYP!

By Lydia Barsawme

This week IEGS will be hosting the National Session of the EYP, but let's take a look back following their journey from Leipzig for the International Session!

Whenever someone asks me to explain what the European Youth Parliament is, I always find myself having a hard time to get it down in only a few sentences. Where do I start? How am I supposed to summarize all the experiences, challenges, laughs, new thoughts, faces and memories that each new session of EYP brings with it? Due to this it is often the case that when returning back from a session, many of us EYP’ers simply reply with

IHC Debate

By Lydia Barsawme

Inter House Debate Reflection

Out of all the different Inter House Competitions taking place at IEGS, the debate competition is one of many trophies that the different houses fight for every year, and by far one of my personal favorites. For many it can be quite scary and stressful to go up and debate in front of an audience, but this year all four houses with teams consisting of both experienced debaters and complete novices took part with great enthusiasm!

This year, we were challenged by relevant and sometimes controversial topics, that lead to intense discussions in the preparation

Swedish National Debate Championship 2015

By Lydia Barsawme
On Friday October 16th, Dr. Whiteley took three teams from IEGS to participate in the Swedish National Debate. The three teams formed the Novice Team (Giulia, Angelyn, Jerry and Lisa), the Second Team (Iman, Mathilda and Dante) and the First Team (Heidi, Clara and Anton). 
Our Novice team of first years had an average draw for the preliminary rounds, against one very strong team and two weaker teams. Their performance, however, was very encouraging. After losing the debate against a strong VRG team, they won their next two debates by 3-0 margins. As such they broke first for the Novice
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